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What Makes Us Different

The heart of our program is our individualized approach to education.  
Each student is unique and deserves a flexible program that better meets 
his or her individual needs.  Any student at RCA can get extended 
testing time and are orally tested whenever the student needs it.  In fact, 
oral testing is pretty much a daily occurrence in our program.  The 
                                  advanced student is not held back by a class that is progressing slower  
                                  than the student’s ability and the academically challenged student 
                                  doesn’t feel the pressure of falling behind in a class that’s moving 
                                  faster than his or her ability to absorb and assimilate the information. 

Computerized Curriculum
Each student accomplishes his or her daily schoolwork and completes
quizzes on a laptop computer using an academically advanced, 
                               Bible-based, fully-multimedia curriculum.  The 
                               computerized curriculum establishes the student’s 
                               lesson plan for the entire year and assigns a due date 
                               for each lesson, quiz, and test.  There’s never a 
                               “pop quiz” or an excuse for not preparing.  And student’s receive a  
                               grade on the lesson, quiz, or test immediately upon exiting it.  Because 
                               all grades are kept on the laptop as well as the school’s server, parents  
                               can daily stay informed of their child’s progress.  Parents never have to 
                               wait for interim reports or report cards to find out how their child is 
                               progressing-they can always be informed.

Quiet and Structured Learning Environment
The right environment is necessary for students to be able to concentrate on their academics and absorb and assimilate information.  The means keeping distractions to a minimum throughout the day as much as possible.  Our Christ-centered, quiet, and structured learning environment is ideal for the student who wants to succeed.  It allows each student to perform at an optimal level.

Character-Building Emphasis
Our philosophy of education includes a strong emphasis
on character-building.  Through our Christ-centered 
program which includes the Bible-based curriculum,
 daily devotions, weekly chapels, and selection of proper 
role models for the learning center (classroom), students 
are strongly encouraged to develop good character.

Role Models
For children to develop good character they must have role models in their life who choose to habitually demonstrate good character.  Our objective is to select instructors whose values and lifestyle reflects the type of character responsible parents want for their children.  While none of us are perfect, our objective is to hire only people whose personal values line up with the values we teach.
Individualized Instruction
One-on-one With Each Student
               - For Better Meeting The Needs Of The Academically Advanced Student
               - For Better Meeting The Needs Of The Academically Challenged Student
               - For Better Meeting The Needs Of Students Challenged with A.D.D.
               - Allows For Orally Testing Students When Necessary
  1. Very Low Teacher/Student Ratio

Quality Curriculum
Academically Advanced
Bible World-View Based
Fully Multimedia computerized
  1. Learning Environment

    1. Christ-Centered

    2. Quiet

    3. Peaceful

    4. Structured

    5. Flexible

    6. Drug-Free