Restoration Christian Academy
2002 20th Street, Kenner LA 70062

       Our children are the future of our community and tomorrow's

leaders.  Since 1993 we  have worked hard to produce for our

community strong self-disciplined citizens with good character

built on Christian morals and values. From the beginning, we set

out to create a loving environment where students feel safe and

are encouraged by a nurturing staff to reach their full spiritual,

academic, and social potential.

       Our program not only provides the basic  disciplines of math,

science, language arts,social studies, Bible etc., but also imparts

the principles of morality and character found in God's Word with the hope of transforming each student into the image of his/her creator. These are the ones who possess a genuine sense of caring for our community and a willingness to work together with others within our community to create the best neighborhoods possible.  It is the combination of academics and strong sense of accountability to God and others, which makes Christian education so successful.

       Our success is due in a large way to our different approach to education. And it's many of our differences that can make a positive difference in your child. We begin by using an individualized teaching method and combine this with a full multimedia computerized curriculum where students actually complete their schoolwork on laptop computers.  Students are connected wireless to our school server where grades are recorded and kept. Our instructors are wirelessly connected to our students' computers allowing them to constantly monitor each student's progress and provide guidance and assistance as needed. When that's not enough, instructors will go to the student and assist them at their student office. Sometimes students need even more help.  It's then that our students spend time at the instructor's station receiving extended help.  Students even take tests and quizzes right on the computer, or instructors administer tests orally when the occasion calls for it.

      The academically advanced student, the academically challenged student and students of all levels in-between can have their learning needs met in our program.  The advanced student is not held back by a lesson plan designed for the C level or "academically average" student.  They are able to progress ahead and many complete the year's work in some subjects (occasionally all subjects) in less than a school year.  Our program allows those students to progress to the next grade level in the completed subjects even before the end of the school year.  Students academically challenged don't feel threatened by the same lesson plan too advanced for them.  Each student progress at a speed better suited to their learning ability.

      Doing schoolwork on the computer has many advantages.  Because it's fully's appealing and helps hold the student's attention with sight, sound, color, and movement.  Students receive instant feedback on answers to question.  No more waiting to have lessons, quizzes or tests graded to see how well they did.  Parents also get instant feedback on their child's academic progress.  Parents are encouraged to get on their child's laptop everyday to check academic progress and to see if their child has homework.  It's simple, easy and takes less than 5 minutes of the parents' time.  Parents stay informed and children are held to accountability.  There's no more waiting for interim reports or report cards to know how your child is doing.  How many times have you asked your child if they had homework and they said no.  Just to find out later, when it was too late to do anything about it, that they really did have homework...and of course it wasn't completed.  As long as parents are checking their child's computer each day, (remember this takes less than 5 minutes), then each child will stay current on their homework and their schoolwork.  No more asking "Do you have homework".  Parents will see for themselves if their child has homework and then can schedule the appropriate time to complete it.   Students and parents also know exactly when its time to take quizzes and tests.  No more excuses for not preparing. 

       Let's face it, everywhere we go today we see workers using computers.  Our students are using and gaining confidence in their computing skills every school day.  This helps give them an edge in getting jobs requiring computing skills.  Our program provides great advantages to students in a world so dependent upon advanced technology and it is our use of cutting edge technology combined with an individualized learning approach that meets the needs of each student where they are that places our school at the forefront of educational reform.

A standard for excellence

in academic

and spiritual


since 1993.