Welcome To ROHI Church


Regardless of whether you feel your life is great or feel there’s plenty room left for improvement, we want you to know your life can be better than it is right now--in fact, it can be much better.  We at ROHI cordially invite you to come join us to learn how this can happen for you.  We’re a small Christian group God is using to help get the good news out about His plans for helping people succeed in this life and prepare for the next.

We’re people just like you who probably have had or even have some of the same personal challenges you do.  Chances are we’ve even experienced some of the same frustrations, same struggles, same disappointments etc.  However, we’ve learned many of God’s secrets for living successfully and overcoming things life has a tendency to throw at us.

Your journey toward personal success starts with a personal relationship with God.  He’s been waiting for you and we would love the opportunity to help introduce you and even take this journey together if you like.  Hope to see

         you soon.

Have you ever wished your life could get better?  Perhaps you’ve thought maybe it could, but didn’t dare really let yourself get your hopes up because of the fear of being disappointed if it didn’t improve!  Or, maybe, you feel your life is pretty good the way it is.